Here at Richard Allen Chase (RAC), we take the time to learn more about your computer software company and the hiring needs that you have. It's very important that we understand your requirements as an employer. That is how we ensure the best match possible and to bring you the success you are looking for. It’s our priority that we network and recruit human resources business partners (HRBPs) and HR generalist for your company. Our talent bank is full of reliable, secure, and highly qualified HRBPs and HR generalist candidates. We are known to find the best-suited employees. At RAC, we know exactly what you are looking for, a good quality talent that can get the job done. Let us help you find your next exceptional employees.

Contact us at 678-825-5627 or info[@]richardallenchase.com for the following services:
- Recruitment & Staffing
- Human Resources Assistance
- Onboarding & Coaching
- Outplacement

We will remove the frustration of the staffing process for you. That is how RAC works, we take pride in getting to know you. We enjoy building relationships that are focused on exceptional career opportunities. RAC provides full cycle niche HR Tech recruiting and coaching. Identify and contact candidates for HRBPs and HR generalist positions in computer software companies. We host and participate in events, use social media platforms, boolean search, effectively network, get referrals for sourcing and recruiting. Establish contacts with colleges, military, and professional groups to create talent bank. Determine needs of computer software company and successfully match candidates to HRBPs and HR generalist positions. Monitor recruitment and retention statistics. Networking in target industries to generate new business.

Specialties: Saas, cloud, HRIS, artificial intelligence (AI), information system, succession planning, Oracle PeopleSoft, legal compliance, talent and organization, customer relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking software (ATS), Salesforce (SFDC), staffing, onboarding, placements, recruiting, candidate experience, talent acquisition, retention, strategies, social recruiting, sourcing, talent attraction, candidate experience, interview preparation, salary negotiation.

RAC is are here to free your time to focus on what you do best and ease your mind from the hiring process. We talk with employers to learn your hiring needs and organization's culture. We achieve true connections with talented HRBPs and HR generalist and the best employers. Partner with RAC is smart and easy.

Your organization can expect the results below and so much more.
- Certified Human Resources Business Partners (HRBPs) and HR Generalist
- Find the best solution for HR in an optimal way
- Have a deep understanding of your business model
- Streamline all HR functions in sync with your business model, goals and objectives
- Focus on relieving the pressure from management, honing the job skills of employees
- Improve overall efficiency and productivity

Let Richard Allen Chase more than a decade of recruiting, human resources, and coaching expertise be the key to your success. 

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