Here at Richard Allen Chase (RAC), we understand that hiring and retaining the best employees is one of the most critical business practices. RAC utilizes creative strategies in sales and candidate sourcing. Keenly aware of the need to develop new business continually, we have established contacts in hundreds of companies. RAC are knowledgeable in the needs of industry and can anticipate staffing requirements of companies with emerging technologies. We have a reputation of professionalism, handing issues with discretion, and maintaining confidentiality. 
Contact us at 678-825-5627 or info[@]richardallenchase.com for the following services:
- Recruiting and Onboarding
- Orientation and Career Development 
- Outplacement  
Your organization can expect the results below and so much more.
- MBA degree and HR certification 
- Find the best solution for HR and recruitment in an optimal way
- Have a deep understanding of your business model
- Streamline all HR and recruitment functions in sync with your business model, goals and objectives
- Focus on relieving the pressure from management, honing the job skills of employees
- Improve overall efficiency and productivity
RAC is here to free your time to focus on what you do best and ease your mind from the HR and recruitment process. We talk with employers to learn your organization's culture, HR and recruitment needs. Partner with RAC it is smart and easy.
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