HR Tech That Reinvent How People Work

Software that disrupts tools that automate traditional HR. Recent innovations in HR Tech are as follows: helping individuals monitor their wellness, measure what motivates employees and insight into learning for a specific role. Trends are demonstrating the shift from automation to technologies that reinvent how individuals work. Today’s companies are focused on integrating their talent practices. According to PR News Wire, the following are the most influential disruptive trends:

  • Explosion of growth in people analytics
  • Growth in contingent workforce management, gig work, and part-time work markets
  • Development of digital HR, including self-service, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation
  • Accelerating revolution of performance management
  • Innovation in the learning market
  • Convergence of engagement evaluation with feedback and performance
  • New landscape for talent acquisition
  • Evolution of team management tools and their merger with HR tools
  • Explosion of wellness and fitness apps – and their potential merger with employee engagement